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Sarbani is an extremely dedicated teacher and a delight to work with. She is able to successfully use the communicative method in her lessons and the students love her!
CILA Kerala
These classes are really helpful to us as it allows us to learn in an enjoyable way and this type of learning even helps us to remember the lessons more accurately. Everyone in this classes can provide his own opinion without any hesitation. So these are fun and very effective in learning. This also increase the bonding of the teachers with students.
St Xaviers Kolkata
I'm really glad that i decided to sign up for these classes. I managed to learn so much within such less number of classes proving the course to be so effective. The sessions were immensely engrossing and interactive and so much fun.
MePrep for AISSCE English Core
It has been quite an experience to be in the workshop conducted by Mrs. S. Banerjee. What really was effective was the fact that everything that was discussed was quite relevant and totally in tune with what we teachers face everyday in our work. Quite a few hands-on-skill was learnt by me. We could actually relate to what was discussed and presented by her. And the fun we had in doing the activities was the cherry on the top. In short it was a wonderful learning experience. Looking forward to more of her workshops.
1. Concept of the topics taught have been cleared. 2. Classes were fun and interesting. 3. Creativity was promoted in class. 4. Classes were inspiring and a good learning experience.
Class VII
St Xavier’s Kolkata
The classes were great and interactive. We had a lot of fun learning, ma'am made even the hardest of chapters easy to understand. The constant interaction made the concepts easy to understand. Every topic has been covered well without any doubts in our minds
Very responsible, passionate and enthusiastic in teaching. Ma'am goes above and beyond to ensure that her students are well-equipped with the materials being taught in class. She never hesitates to give additional resources and feedback to her students and treats everyone equally. One can easily converse with her and ask for useful feedback at any point in time and would always receive advice that is helpful for their end goal. One of the most approachable teachers I’ve met & she’s genuinely concerned about our learning. It has been a great pleasure to have been her student.
Commerce Student