We are a team of passionate educationists and teachers with over 60 years of combined real-time experience in the Indian school classroom.

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We are a team of passionate educationists and teachers with over 60 years of combined real-time experience in the Indian school classroom. With international teaching qualifications from Cambridge and Trinity College London, we aim to empower schools, teachers and students with practical and tested strategies to ensure an effective learning experience.

VIPS Pvt. Ltd.

Vedrishi Integrating Professional Skills Pvt. Ltd., shortly named as VIPS, is incorporated with a view to reduce the gap between Campus and Corporate, Knowledge and Skills. We basically undertake various Skill Development Trainings, funded by the government and corporate sector, under varied schemes. Our basic thrust is to create the need
based classroom environment absolutely backed by the market prevailing changes. “A skill is no-skill without communication skill”. A skill is valueless till it is not properly communicated. When it comes to talk of communication we look forward to our SOFT-SKILL PARTNER Ms. Sarbani Banerjee. Her presence is simply a great value addition to our projects and services to the society. Our company appreciates her association with us as one of our pillars.


There was a need to focus on the overall development of the children associated with Merryland International Playschool, founded by Mr. Sanat K D Adhikari, Academic Consultant for TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON and an ATCL (Associate of Trinity College London) in Public Speaking, and headed by Mrs. Sunita Das Adhikari, PGDBM in HRM, NIHRD, Chennai, NTT, New Delhi with over twenty years of teaching experience in India and Abroad.  This led to the establishment of Merryland Creative Academy (MCA) in the year 2016. In due course, MCA has expanded its founder members namely, Sarbani Banerjee, Dr. Rekha Das Adhikari and has started offering training to young children in English Language, Art, Dance and Music.

In order to further develop the skills of young children associated with Merryland International Playschool, MCA has introduced Young Performers Certificate (YPC) from TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON. In the year 2016, Merryland Creative Academy (MCA) was given the status of Registered Examination Centre (REC) for Trinity College London. This enabled students from other schools in and around Rourkela to train at MCA in Communication Skills, Trinity GESE and appear for assessments under TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON.

Mr. Sanat K D Adhikari and Mrs. Sarbani Banerjee (certTESOL) promote the curriculum for Trinity College London amongst the schools of Rourkela and other areas of West Bengal and Chhattisgarh.

Experienced Trainers are also arranged by MCA for imparting training to existing teachers of Rourkela on developing real life skills, class room management, Language teaching, etc. By the end of year 2019 more than 300 teachers across schools were given free training with the help of Trinity College London.

We are also a Listed Education Agent for

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Sarbani Banerjee

NM PEDAGOGY & ELT is the dream project of Sarbani Banerjee, Team Leader & Founder. A senior educationist, with over 25 years of experience in the education sector, which includes time spent in classrooms in addition to involvement in global ELT practices, she has a deep understanding of the pedagogical needs of schools, as well as the challenges of the unique ELT scenario in India. She is passionate about empowering the ardent yet overwhelmed Indian teacher, who often find the wings of their passion clipped by real-life classroom trials and tribulations. Her extensive work in English teaching, both for CBSE curriculum and international assessments, enables her to curate practical and empowering training programmes and courses for all learners. Armed with TKTs from Cambridge and a certTESOL from Trinity College London, her main focus is to enable and empower schools, teachers and students with real life skills. A Master Trainer from CAMI MEHR USA, her trainings provide unique learning experiences. She is also Academic Support Consultant for Trinity College London, India Operations.

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