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NM PEDAGOGY offers specially designed courses which empower both schools and teachers to carry forward the vision of NEP 2020. Through a slew of specially curated trainings and workshops, we aim to consolidate Lesson Planning Processes that not only achieve Learning Outcomes but also promote Experiential Learning & Skill Development.

We also offer to conduct Pedagogical Audits & Needs Analyses for schools experiencing diminishing learning outcomes, or for schools who are in the process or have received CBSE affiliation.Post-audit, a detailed project report on Best Practices & Areas of Improvement is generated and targets identified to upgrade existing academic processes in addition to incorporating quality procedures.

The existing education models need to be reassessed in keeping with the challenges of the global economy.The New Education Policy, (NEP) 2020 has gone ahead and redefined ‘holistic development’ as the process wherein the learners are equipped with the essential skills of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Curiosity & Communication. With this, the need for efficient, effective and impactful Continuous Professional Development Programmes for in-service teachers has increased manifold. Training the teachers in the areas of experiential lesson planning that is focussed on achieving learning outcomes has emerged as the only way to upskill the teachers in the current methods and principals of teaching.

All our Teacher Trainings and Pedagogical Workshops are carefully curated to empowerschools and their teachers totransform their classrooms,by enabling them to go beyond the text and incorporate 21st century skills into their lessons.


Effective & Impactful In-service Teacher Trainings & Workshops

  • Lesson Planning & Learning Outcomes
  • Experiential Learning in the 21st Century Classroom
  • Integrating Collaborative Learning Everyday
  • Managing the Generation Z Classroom
  • Bloom’s & Lesson Planning for Enhanced Learning Outcomes
  • Diagnostics & Remedials

.…and customised training programs designed post needs analysis.

Pedagogical Audits

Intensive & Comprehensive Pedagogical Support to School & Faculties

  • Achieving Learning Objectives
  • Designing Curriculum and Co-curriculum
  • Designing Teaching and Learning Methods
  • Developing Student Learning Assessment
  • Assuring Implementation of Quality Education

….and customised academic support based on in-depth needs analysis

NM ELT offers a plethora of short-term courses on all the 4 skills of English Language Learning: Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing. Our short term courses have been designed for learners across the K-12 spectrum, addressing the needs of both very young learners seeking to master language usage and older learners looking to upgrade theirEnglish skills for academic or employment purposes.

Our carefully designed English programmes have been consolidated by over 25 years of experience of teaching English in the Indian classroom. In addition to preparatory modules for AISSCE’s English Core and Trinity’s GESE (1-12) & ISE (Foundation-IV), we also have tied up with Merryland Creative Academy to offer their MeTalk, MePrep&MeChamp modules. EWS, the English Webinar Series, offers a series of short term yet effective modules to teach functional grammar through EMPOWER USAGE.All our ELT modules are facilitated by trainers who have TKTs from Cambridge and/or recognized TESOL qualifications.

ELT or English Language Teaching for English Language Learners (ELL) is not about learning grammar, just in the same way as learning English is not about ‘Spoken English’. It is about integrating functional grammar with vocabulary & phonology to enable better communication. Each one of our offerings takes into consideration learner needs and delivers impactful learning through intensive feedback & error correction.


Designed to enable the learners to Empower Usage of English Language

  • For students and professionals

English Webinar Series on Functional Grammar

Reading to Writing: Empowering Usage

Building Vocabulary the NM way

Speaking Powerfully: MeTalk

  • For teachers of English

Teaching Grammar Communicatively

Teaching Literature the Collaborative Way

English for Classroom Usage


Short Term Modules for both Board Exams & International Assessments

  • Trinity GESE Grades 1 to 12: Grading support included
  • Trinity ISE Foundation to IV: AN LSRW Integrated Course
  • MePrep: A Preparatory Course for English Core (CBSE Class XII)
  • MeMarks: Strategies to score well in English Exams (for classes IV to X)
  • MeChamp: LSRW Integrated Course for students aspiring to excel in



What We Do ?

NM Pedagogy & ELT help schools enhance their scholastic procedures and teachers upskill teaching practices. We also empower K-12 students with English communication skills that target both examination needs and functional usage of the language.

For schools

we have curated a process wherein we

  • conduct a pedagogical audit
  • identify best practices and areas of improvements
  • locate gaps in the teaching-learning scenarios
  • follow-up with an action plan that is specific to the needs of the institution.

For teachers

we have a rigorous needs analysis process

which enables us to come up with interactive and hands-on training workshops that address the pedagogical requirements of the teacher/s. We also empower them with effective English for the classroom, irrespective of the subject taught.

For students

we have specially curated short-term courses

that focus on functional grammar and empower usage. All our courses are based on the CEFR and are available for students from the primary stage upto college students. Also, we offer similar courses for professionals seeking to consolidate their communication skills in English.

We also offer trainings for GESE , ISE & COMMUNICATION SKILLS Assessments offered by TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON.


NM PEDAGOGY & ELT is the dream project of Sarbani Banerjee, Team Leader & Founder. With over 25 years of experience in the education sector, covering time spent in school classrooms in addition to involvement in global ELT practices.

Sarbani Banerjee

(Credential Id: ICMTF11133)

certTESOL, Trinity College London